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April 4th//9am


April 4th // 9AM

What will Easter 2020 be like at City of God Ministries?

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by our website. If you are searching for a good church this Easter, we know we are the place for you. We will have powerful worship, an inspiring play, and your kids will LEARN so much during our special 30-minute CityKids experience!  


We would love to get to know you. We want to see lives changed here by the power of Jesus Christ, and we see that happen every week when someone steps through our doors. We look forward to meeting you this Easter! God bless.


- Apostles Gary & Myra Bellinger

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what to expect


Join in as our worship team sings songs of adoration and praise. Clap your hands, stand & celebrate the risen Savior with us.


Be inspired as we present, "The Resurrection: Its Personal"  in lieu of a traditional message. We'll share this message through drama, music and dance.

Kids in Church

Children's ministry for ages 4-8 will host a special 30-minute worship experience beginning at promptly at 9:15 AM. Pre-register your kids to attend! This will make check-in quick and  easy.



Where are you located?

Concord: We are located at 9280 Davidson Hwy Concord, NC 28075. When you arrive you will see orange flags and a smiling face to welcome you. Just turn on your blinkers so our attendants will know that you are out guest. Charleston: We worship in a shared sanctuary at 4937 Durant Ave.N. Chas., SC 29405 .

What time is service?

Service begins at 9:00am. Our special Citykids experience begins at 9:15am and will only last 30 minutes so get there early to check-in. We don't time our services. As long as the Holy Spirit is at work, we remain in worship. Typically services end between 11-11:30am.

Where do I park?

Concord: When you turn into the parking lot you will see our Parking Team ready to point you in the right direction. If you like, make sure to turn your hazards on when you pull in and we will give you VIP parking for your first visit! (based upon availability). Charleston: When you arrive you will find parking near the building or across the street parking at the school.

Why plan a visit?

When you plan your visit then you can be assured that we are prepared for you! A volunteer will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have, you get VIP Parking, we can introduce you around if you like, help you get your kids pre-registered, and give you a FREE gift for coming. You will be SO GLAD that you planned your visit.

What will a service be like?

City of God Ministries is an engaging, dynamic atmosphere geared towards ministering to your entire family. Our ministry is full of life, creativity, love and encouragement. Our worship team is AMAZING and the Word is life-changing. Everyone is encouraged to participate in worship. Our kids typically remain in worship with us and are dismissed afterwards.

What do I wear?

We encourage people to come as they are and dress in what feels most comfortable. That said, you will see everything from traditional church dress to jeans and a button down shirt. We encourage everyone to dress in a way that reminds them that indeed they are at worship. We do ask that you wear clothing that is appropriate for a worship service.

Can you describe your church?

We are a Bible-believing and Holy Spirit embracing kinda church. We are not quiet. We make a joyful noise unto God and we are grateful worshippers. We embrace each other as family. We leave room for the Holy Spirit to lead us whether that is in instrumental worship or shouting from the rafters. We are your kinda church!

Is there something for my kids?

Easter is a special celebration at City of God where we worship "family style" until health protocols allow for safe kids worship. We offer our kids worship kits, which will feature a special Easter theme for this celebration.